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The foundation is among the most important part of any structure. It carries the entire weight of the building and supports it. With that, suffice to say that the foundation should be strong and sturdy. In our 22 years of service, there is no better material that we can think of recommending for the foundation aside from concrete. Among all the materials, it has the best reputation, which is a guarantee of how well it can deliver. We suggest to never take the risk of thrifting on your foundation as it may result to much greater adverse results in the long run.

Concrete foundation requires poured concrete. Around four to eight inches would be enough to ensure the maximum durability. But aside from just concrete, it would also help to have or include steel reinforcement within for added support. Since the foundation acts as the anchor it should have enough strength that it needs.

Types of concrete foundation includes slab-on-grade, t-shaped, and the frost protected. If you are living in a cold region, we recommend a t-shaped foundation.

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Slab-on-grade uses few inches thick concrete to keep it safe from freezing. The frost protected foundation has insulation that protects it from freezing.

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